Marriage Counseling


One of the most important things that distinguishes one marriage counselor from another is whether or not they are a "Pro-marriage counselor". You may think that all marriage/couple's counselors are pro-marriage, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Kristin LeBlanc is a "pro-marriage" counselor who works with clients to find resolution to problems, healing from betrayal, re-connection when it has been lost, and many other issues that married couple's find themselves dealing with.  She will have hope for your marriage even if you feel like you have lost yours.  Pro-marriage counselors look at marriage as a covenant versus a contract.  Contracts can be broken, voided, and anticipate one party doing wrong.  But a covenant between two people is a vow of commitment, accountability, unconditional love, acceptance, trust, and safety = a safe haven.  If you want your marriage to be a safe haven again, or want it to be for the first time in your relationship, Kristin can help you and your spouse create a safe haven for each other.


It must be stated however, that in situations where there is abuse, continued extra marital affair(s), or abandonment, then a marriage is no longer a covenant.  God does not want his children to suffer, but find peace in him.







Couple's Counseling


For couple's who are not yet married, counseling is a wonderful way to work on and improve your relationship.  Couple's counseling can help you and your partner identify strengths that you can use to help you through tough times together and identify weaknesses that may cause you problems in the future. Counseling can also help with those issues that you would like to work out before you make a life long commitment.


Having the right tools, information, and skills makes all the difference in the course of a relationship.  Like any other thing that is worth doing, relationships take hard work and consistent attention. Couple's who learn this early on end up having happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.

If you and your spouse/partner have found yourself at a cross-roads and are in need of help, resources, and guidance to get you through this time, please don't hesitate to seek counseling at Stepping Stone.  

There is hope.  There is healing.  There is help.  Call today!


Love...always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

                                                             - 1 Corinthians 13:7

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